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Business Optimisation

Most businesses have evolved their systems organically over a long period of time. Often they are focused on a few key people or maybe just the owner being heavily involved in day-to-day activities.

One of the main core objectives of organisational optimisation is to allow the owner or key people to create systems, both physical and automated, that allow them to take a step back somewhat from the business and allow it to function without them, even if for limited periods. This is essential in an exit situation as the buyer will want to know these people can exit and the business can keep running.

Another core objective is to introduce systems that increase revenue and margin and reduce costs...all of these lead to more profit. More profit leads to a higher business valuation...and generally a smoother running company which of course is more attractive to a buyer.

Many businesses often have less than optimal capital structures which can be consolidated and optimised (i.e. expensive loans and leases, poor credit terms, etc). They may also need capital in order to drive the revenue/profit growth as part of the Exit Plan. Looking at the capital structures and financial plan as early as possible will support the Exit Plan goals and make the business more attractive to a buyer.

Our courses cover three areaa:

  • Replacing the Owner - Mini Course 103

  • Introducing Systems, Automation, Reporting and KPI's

  • Finance, Raising and Debt Restructuring

Resources - Make Your Business Attractive 

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Guy Bartlett, the founder of the Business Buyers Club, has vast experience in acquiring businesses and also helps entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of business acquisition. Here Guy provides some guidance on what you need to do to make your business attractive to buyers. 

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