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Exit Planning Introduction

Planning to sell your business may be one of the most important things you do for yourself, your staff and your customers and others involved with the business.   There are many aspects to exit planning that will probably require several specialist advisors to assist you.  The aim is not to make you an expert in each of these areas but to give you enough information to have intelligent conversations with the advisors and make informed decisions.

We feel an overview of the main subject areas in one course is a good starting point for those who are new.  Areas covered include:

102 - Sales and Profit Acceleration - Revenue and profit drive business value, how do I increase them.

103 - Business Optimisation - Replacing the owner (so he has more time to play golf!)

104 - Business Optimisation - Introducing Systems, Automation, Reporting and KPI's

105 - Business Optimisation - Finance, Capital Raising and Debt Restructuring

106 - Wealth Management as it Relates to Your Business

107 - Tax Planning as it Relates to Your Business

108 - Commercial Property in a Business - In or out? Strategies for realising full value and minimising tax

109 - Business Valuation Case Study - What is my business worth now, how do I increase that?

110 - The Business Sale Process

Resources: The Importance of Exit Planning 

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In this short clip Daryl Bates Brownsford of Succession Plus explains how to prepare yourself and your business for exit. For more ExitPlanning insights listen to their podcast series and expert interviews......

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