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HR & People 

In  a business sale (M&A), the role of Human Resources (HR) is crucial in facilitating a smooth transition for employees. HR teams play a pivotal role in assessing the organizational structure and identifying potential redundancies. They ensure effective communication between management and employees, addressing concerns and providing support throughout the integration process. Additionally, HR oversees cultural integration initiatives to foster collaboration and cohesion among the newly combined workforce, ultimately contributing to the success of the M&A deal.

Resource 1 - Your People and Your Business Exit

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Maria Lawless is a fantastic resource on strategic leadership in M&A transactions. Deeply experienced in working with company leaders before and after a business sale. Maria will share some of her insights on addressing the people issues related to Business Exit.
📜Exit plans – Confidential or Not Confidential? 🤐
🤔 How to prepare staff for your Business Exit?
😑 Integration and retention challenges for new owners
🌟 How to present your exit as a positive opportunity to your staff

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