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Sales & Profit Acceleration

Business valuation is generally based on profitability...which in turn is often driven by increasing sales. Small increases in profit can lead to 300%/400%/500%+ of the increased profit as it manifests in the business valuation calculations. Also, a growing business is much more attractive to a buyer and will put upward pressure on valuations.

However, how to get there is often a mystery for many business owners.

Revenue growth tends to be a result of a successful strategy, the right people and a formal sales process.  Profit growth tends to be a result of putting in better systems and understanding what product lines and process are profitable, optimising costs and streamlining processes.

All of this is greatly enabled by better systems, reporting, KPI development and management restructuring.

Generally outside assistance from a specialist is invaluable both in terms of broad knowledge, transformation strategies and coaching.

Resource 1 - Build a Seamless Sales Process 

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In two minutes Sales and Profit Acceleration expert David Angel shares the steps needed to build a seamless sales process. This is essential to increase valuation whether planning to exit your business one year from now or even within the next three to five years. 

Resource 2 - Upscale Your Business  

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With a 19 year track record in business coaching Paul Avins has coached over 550 companies through the Grown Up Business System with many clients selling their businesses for life-changing sums, giving them the time and money freedom they wanted. (Over £27m of exits in 2022 alone!). Here Paul shares how Upscaling Your Business helps sellers make a smooth transition from their business. 

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