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Personal Financial Planning

Selling a business is probably the largest item most people will ever sell with a sum of money being paid to them at one time that may exceed all their other investments.  Managing this large sum of money both in terms of investment potential, tax planning, retirement planning and inheritance becomes absolutely critical.

Investment potential in terms of making sure the money is invested with the right return/risk profile. 


Tax planning is essential and covered in another page.


Retirement planning involves making use of available instruments such as pensions and investments to ensure the money paid is efficient in retirement.


Inheritance planning involves making sure the money ends up in the right hands with the lowest tax upon passing.

Becoming educated on these aspects to enable active participation with the appropriate wealth advisors is critical to the best outcome.

Resources - Personal Financial Planning

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Adele Jones (DipFA MLIBFGuy) is the Director of Financial Planning at Financial Framework Wealth and Estate Planning.  She is vastly experienced in helping business owners protect assets and wealth during and after the business sale process. Here Adele sets out a Financial Planning overview required for a business exit.

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